Generator Maintenance and Monitoring with InnoCare


Emergency Standby generators must be maintained in order to assure dependability and preserve the manufacturer’s warranty. They work when the power goes off, but like a car, they can break down from time to time. Proper maintenance can help prevent this and insure that your generator will work when you need it most.

kohler_generatorGenerator Preventative maintenance agreements provide a proactive approach to maintaining standby power. Routine scheduled visits can identify problems that otherwise go undetected, causing serious damage. This approach gives customers the opportunity to avoid emergency repairs and control maintenance budgets. Regular maintenance provides a sense of security. It also provides a record of scheduled maintenance which is required to maintain your warranty.

Innocare provides 5 levels of service for your generator to meet every price point.


This level provides one annual Preventative Maintenance by a certified technician.



In addition to one annual preventative maintenance, Silver level subscribers will have all of the information pertaining to their generator through cellular monitoring. Once the monitor is installed by one of our certified technicians, the status of your generator will be accessible through your computer, iPhone or Android device. Peace of mind at your fingertips.


In addition to the benefits included in the Silver level of InnoCare, Gold level subscribers receive personal Innovative Electric monitoring which notifies you immediately if any critical issues need attention. The Gold level adds an additional level of security and service because our certified InnoCare staff will assist in monitoring. If a critical issue arises, Innovative will also be alerted via email and text, which allows us to quickly assess the situation and develop a plan of action possibly before you may even be aware of the problem.

PLATINUM – Premier Customer Group

In addition to the benefits included in the Gold level of InnoCare, Platinum subscribers will be part of our Premier Customer Group. Premier customers will receive a dedicated after hours emergency HOTLINE, and will have priority service dispatch when your generator is in need of emergency service. Platinum subscribers will receive 10% off any on generator accessory items, parts and labor. In addition, platinum subscribers will receive 10% off all electrical services* provided by Innovative Electric.
*(maximum discount of $500)

DIAMOND – Never Powerless Protection Plan™

In addition to the benefits and discounts included in the Platinum level of Innocare, Diamond subscribers are covered under our Never Powerless Protection Plan™. If your generator is down and can’t be repaired that day, we will provide you with a portable generator until we are able to get the generator running or utility power is restored. Diamond subscribers also receive unlimited emergency related oil changes (200 hr. Generac) (100 hr. Kohler) at no additional cost and an additional 5% discount on generator accessory items, parts, labor and all electrical services** provided by Innovative Electric. This is the highest level of peace of mind in any emergency situation.
**(maximum discount of $750)

Please see the InnoCare agreement for an explanation of all terms and conditions of the program.


Briggs and Stratton Generator Maintenance and Monitoring
Cummins Generator Maintenance and Monitoring
Generac Generator Maintenance and Monitoring
Kohler Generator Maintenance and Monitoring


Are you paying $500 or more to have annual maintenance and one visit to “check” your generator?

Install a Wireless Monitor today and always know the status of your generator. Innovative offers a comprehensive package for generator maintenance and cellular monitoring for less than the cost of your plan!

  • No need to run out and check the lights on your generator before a storm!
  • Never find out that you battery is low only when the power goes out!
  • Receive emails/texts or both every time the status changes on your generator
  • Innovative will also assist in monitoring your generator and will have the ability to clear nuisance messages, remotely start your generator, research the history of all generator activity, etc.
  • 95% of all Failure to Start situations are eliminated through proper maintenance and monitoring.

Innocare Silver and above plans provide for remote cellular monitoring for your generator. You will receive real time alerts by email or text on your mobile device, computer, or tablet whenever the generator has an “event” which could be the generators normal exercise or other key events such as:

  • Utility Power lost
  • Low Battery
  • Seo Exercise
  • Any alarm situation (low fuel pressure, etc.)

Monitoring Makes a Difference….

  • After installation of a cellular monitor on one of our customer’s generators, we noticed that the generator was starting every couple of days for very short periods of time (30 seconds to 4 minutes) and then turned off.  The customer reported that this had started recently and he felt that something was wrong with his generator.  Using the monitoring history report we were able to see that the utility power was dropping below the threshold during those times and then going back to normal.  When the utility power dropped below the threshold, the generator turned on which was exactly what it was supposed to do.  The customer called the utility company who came out and reported there was “no issue”.  We provided the customer with a custom history report on the historical utility voltage which he gave to the utility company.   Lo and behold, the company reluctantly admitted that there was indeed an issue with utility voltage coming into the house and addressed it.  Problem fixed with a little help from Innovative Electric our Monitoring Services.


  • With our assisted monitoring feature, Innovative Electric received an alarm on a generator for “low fuel pressure”.  We contacted the customer immediately and found that they had just closed their pool.  We advised them to contact the pool company to come back and turn on the gas to the generator that they had turned off when they closed the pool.  Problem solved.


  • Right before a tropical storm was to hit, one of our Basic Maintenance customers went out to her generator to check and found a red light on.  She panicked and called us immediately for a service call.  When we went out, we found the gas to the generator was turned off when her pool was closed the week before.  We explained how the service call could have been avoided with a generator monitor and the customer had us install a monitor that day.  The next year when the pool company did the same thing, she got the alert and called them to turn the gas back on!  One very satisfied customer.