Generator Maintenance


The most effective way to make sure your generator is ready to function during a power outage is with Generator Maintenance and Monitoring. It is extremely important that emergency standby generators be maintained in order to assure dependability and preserve the manufacturer’s warranty. They work when the power goes off, but like a car, they can break down from time to time. Proper maintenance can help prevent this and insure that your generator will work when you need it most.

Generator Maintenance Tips

• Make a habit of checking your generator every month. Set a date on your calendar and try to stick with it (skip if you have Generator Monitoring).
• Check to see that there isn’t any generator warnings or alarms that have been activated (skip if you have Generator Monitoring).
• Keep the unit free of debris. It’s important to keep lawn debris or trash away from the unit for maximum operation.
• Do a quick visual check for critters to make sure they haven’t made a home in the generator.
• For generators that turn on automatically when the power goes out, make sure that the machine is in “auto” mode (skip if you have Generator Monitoring).
• Check the engine coolant level, the oil level and the battery charger at least once per month (skip if you have Generator Monitoring).
• Check for any fluid leaks.
• Each year change the generator oil, the oil and fuel filters, spark plugs and air filter, and clean the crankcase breather. Flush the coolant system as recommended by the manufacturer, and perform load bank testing.


We provide InnoCare Preventative Maintenance and Monitoring Plans to help provide our customers the necessary Generator maintenance to ensure that your generator starts when you need it most. Routine scheduled visits can identify problems that otherwise go undetected, causing serious damage. Our generator maintenance services include a technician will inspect all the electrical components contained in your unit. We identify and fix frayed wires, shorts, loose connections or stuck buttons, leaky hoses, battery drain and much more. If there are any signs of electrical damage or wear and tear, we take care of the problem before it is too late. Unfortunately, if you choose not to follow through with generator maintenance, the possibilities of the generator not starting during the most crucial times has will greatly increase.

Generator Monitoring –
Key Factor In Generator Maintenance

Our InnoCare Monitoring Program Makes Generator Systems More Reliable: 24/7 monitoring system increases the reliability of your generator by eliminating 95% of all Fail-to-Start situations. Our cost-effective system connects to ALL major brands of generators and members may access their generator at any time with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Whether it’s technology, medical equipment, security, or just convenience, you need backup power at your home. But just having the generator isn’t enough; you need to make sure that it’s tested on time with optimal fuel and battery levels.

Generator Monitoring Solutions

-How will I see information about my generator once it’s monitored?
If you like, updates will be delivered to you via text and email notifications. We also provide a convenient web-based portal for checking the current data from your generator in Generator Member Login. Generator Member Login is available at any time and allows you to check any data point on any of your monitored generators.
-Why should I operate with cellular transmission rather than ethernet lines for my data?
Using a cellular transmission means that you can implement monitoring without running into complications with IT. Ethernet connections are less effective but are still available.
-Will I have to get my own cellular plan to cover the data transmission?
No. Your data transmission on monitored generators is covered by Generator Monitoring in the annual Monitoring and Managed Services fee.
– What if there is no cellular coverage at my generator location?
Generator monitors can be set up to transmit from nearly anywhere on Earth with iridium satellite uplink.
-Does the age of my generator matter?
No, the age of your generator will not prevent remote monitoring. However, the age of your generator may determine exactly which generator issues we can retrieve from your generator with monitoring.
-What data points will my monitors pull?
With all models, Generator Monitoring can determine battery voltage in an analog value, running condition, and failure to run. In most cases, your monitor can also track a common alarm.
With more modern generators, Generator Monitoring devices can pull up to 128 alarm points and 128 analog values via a MODBUS connection.

Monitoring Login

Generator Load Bank Testing –
Key Factor In Generator Maintenance

A typical commercial facility’s electrical load on a standby generator is often dispersed and unpredictable, therefore load bank testing is essential. A generator load bank test is the examination and evaluation of the electrical load used on a genset. Our load bank is a self-contained unit that applies controlled load on your standby generators. It consists of load elements with controls that allow an operator to incrementally step and vary the load. We offer our load bank testing service that will allow you to gain assurance that your emergency generator will supply power for an extensive period of time and perform as designed.

Generator Load Bank Testing

Our generator installation technicians have been certified to service many major brand named generators like Generac, Kohler and Cummins generators. Our technicians are trained to set up and test generator monitoring devices so you are always aware of your generator’s operation no matter where you are located. Also, they are trained to implement generator load bank testing services and much more. All the above generator maintenance services are key components in successful generator maintenance.

The next step is to choose one of our InnoCare Preventative Maintenance and Monitoring Plans is a great approach that gives customers the opportunity to avoid emergency repairs and control maintenance budgets. Regular maintenance provides a sense of security. It also provides a record of scheduled maintenance which is required to maintain your warranty.

Call us to discuss your generator needs . . . and to get the best generator services available today.