Generator Monitoring

InnoCare Preventive Maintenance


Keep your generator up and running, 24/7.

Our team provides complete installation of InnoCare monitoring systems, which utilize InnoAlert, the data management center and reporting, to its fullest. Our innovative technology has remained the leader in this industry by giving access to consumers worldwide to rely on the continuous stream of valuable information contained within their gensets. Take advantage of our remote monitoring and control by simply accesses our database with a few clicks.

The benefits of monitoring your generator are extremely significant.

Both residential and commercial monitoring makes generator systems tremendously more reliable. Before a critical environmental situation occurs and your generator is needed, the easy monitoring access allows you to see the key preventive failures in advance and in the quickest way possible. Therefore, you can eliminate 95% of fail to start situations.

Key Failures Immediately Monitored:

• Low Battery Voltage
• Low Fuel
• Low Coolant Temperature
• Unhandled Systems Alarms
• Missed Exercise
• Plus Many More!

InnoCare Remote Monitoring Delivers:

• Improved Dependability
• Peace of Mind
• Instant Alarm Notification – Email or Text
• Our Rapid Service Response.


Wireless Remote Monitoring from any internet device means…


Monitor Readiness

• Interactive 24/7 Access
• Access common generator parameters:
Oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage,
power output, diesel levels, engine run time and engine RPM.
• Informative Standard and Custom Reports

Remote Control

• Ability for Remote Diagnostics (Start & Stop)
• Secure & Redundant Server with Data Archiving

Alarm Management

• Instant Alarm Notification via Email or SMS Text
• Detailed Alarm / Fault Display & History
• Trouble Tickets (Alarm Escalation System)