Residential Electric

Lighting Design

At Innovative we take residential lighting service to new creative levels. We provide critical insight to lighting design and layout. Functionality has never had such eye appeal.

Chandelier Lifts

Have yet to clean the large chandelier hanging almost 17 feet from the floor? Is the prospect of climbing a ladder to get up there a little too intimidating? Trust us, we can provide an easier and more importantly, a safer process Innovative will bring the chandelier to you. Several companies make cable-and-winch systems that can lower even a heavy fixture to floor level for easy cleaning or to replace bulbs, then reel it back up to the ceiling. The cable is concealed in the wall and/or ceiling and is controlled by a switch. Innovative Electrical Contracting is a full-service electrical contractor highly qualified to provide professional electrical construction service for commercial, industrial, and utility projects. We have routinely provided electrical services for new construction, renovation and maintenance projects throughout New Jersey. We specialize in lighting control, building automation and security.

Landscape & Outside Lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting or landscape lighting provides functionality and can truly enhance the beauty of a home. Using decorative path lights, accent lights, or other specialty lights Innovative can customize a layout providing functionality, safety and elegance.