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Cummins Home Standby Generators

A long tradition of power and legendary durability comes standard in every quiet-running Cummins home standby generator. We built our first diesel engines in 1919, and since then we’ve powered the people you depend on: farmers, truckers, first responders, hospitals, data centers and so much more. For almost 100 years, people like you have counted on Cummins for power generation. The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and millions of boats, RVs and vehicles rely on Cummins, so you know you can too! Our legacy of reliability, focus on quiet operation and unmatched customer service are some key reasons why you should go with Cummins. Simply put, Cummins is synonymous with reliable power. We can provide that same reliable Cummins power to you at home, with a home standby generator that will leave your family feeling safe and secure during power outages.

Each of our home standby generators is designed and assembled in North America. The same painstaking attention to detail that goes into our gensets for hospitals and data centers is carried over to our home units. This will quickly become obvious on your unit’s first run. You are ensuring life at home can go on as normal even when the power goes out.
Powered by Cummins, you are guaranteed one of the quietest, most efficient, and most reliable generators available.

What Makes a Cummins Standby Generator Right for You?

• Powerful, clean-burning engines that run on natural gas or propane for eco-friendly, efficient performance.
• Patented sound technology that makes Cummins generators quiet and neighborhood friendly.
• Remote monitoring allowing you and your dealer to observe and control your standby generator from anywhere using your mobile device.
• Quiet performance and sleek, compact design allowing Cummins generators to be installed as close as 18 inches from your home and blend into almost any landscape