TESLA Home Charging Stations

New LED LightsThe popularity of electric automobiles, such as the Tesla model, is on the rise, and at Innovative Electric of Chester, NJ, we know that the popularity is only going to keep increasing. We’ve dedicated time and resources towards properly educating our technicians on the installation process and operation of home charging stations.

Depending on your home’s electrical system, installing a High Power Wall Connector at maximum power (100 amps) may be more difficult than installing a 240 volt outlet (50 amps) due to power availability. A High Power Wall Connector can be set to any amperage level, and while you won’t charge at the rate of 62 miles of range per hour of charge, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of a sleek, permanently-installed Connector.

A High Power Wall Connector is installed on a 240-volt circuit and can be supplied with up to twice the power as an outlet. At maximum amperage, it supplies two times more power than the Single Charger can process. This is where Twin Chargers can help by providing double the charging capacity to 20 kW in order to match the output of the High Power Wall Connector.

Keep an eye out for the Tesla app on your iPhone or android device later this summer. With this app, owners can:

  • Check charging progress in real time and start or stop charge
  • Heat or cool Model S before driving — even if it’s in a garage
  • Locate Model S with directions or track its movement across a map
  • Flash lights or honk the horn to find Model S when parked
  • Vent or close the panoramic roof
  • Lock or unlock from afar

The Charger itself does not get plugged into the wall, but it’s actually on-board the car. The Connector is plugged into the wall and sends Alternating Current (AC) into the Charger. The Charger then converts the power to Direct Current (DC) and directs it to the battery. You can configure your car with the Single Charger or Twin Chargers, and Twin Chargers allow twice the conversion capacity as the Single Charger provided that the power is available. The installation of the Charger is extremely important, so your Charger should always be installed by an experienced licensed electrician.

For public charging stations, check out www.plugshare.com to find charging stations near you.