Tri-Fuel Generators

Innovative Electric is now able to provide versatile portable generators to fit a variety of needs. Whether you need a generator to power your cabin on the weekend, or to keep your furnace and sump pump running during a utility failure, a Tri-fuel generator from Innovative Electric may be your solution.

  • Many aftermarket LP gas or natural gas conversions do not legally meet EPA emission requirements. WINCO has tested and certified the Home Power HPS9000VE and HPS12000HE for operation on gasoline, LP gas, and natural gas. WINCO’s two Tri-fuel products have passed application reviews from Honda and Briggs & Stratton engineers allowing us to offer the 3-year engine warranties.
  • When disaster strikes, roads can become impassable, gas stations can lose power or run out of supplies, and gasoline can be hard to come by. Gasoline can go stale relatively quickly, while also varnishing and attracting water and leaving a generator inoperable without repairs. Our Tri-fuel generators solve this problem by operating on common vapor fuels. Natural Gas and Liquid Propane are usually available in large quantities even in the midst of an unforeseen disaster.
  • On top of that, switching between fuels is very easy. To operate on vapor fuels, you simply turn off the gasoline fuel line, connect the proper t-valve fitting for the selected fuel, and then connect the main fuel supply. After you start the engine, it is capable of providing hours of uninterrupted power from an adequate fuel supply.
  • Many townhome and condominium communities in the area are not allowing the installation of permanent standby generators, so we had to find an alternative solution for our loyal customers. The purchase and installation of a Tri-fuel portable generator will allow you to have all of the conveniences of a standby unit even if your community does not allow. Most communities allow portable generators, and ours can hook up to your propane or natural gas supply.