LED retrofit in NJ

With Innovative Electrical Contracting in Chester and an LED retrofit, NJ area residents can save money on their utility bills! LED lights offer numerous benefits over traditional bulbs. For a free lighting evaluation, call (908) 879-7078.

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Federal & State Rebates

(Must Take Advantage of Rebates in 2014)

In these times of rising energy costs, let our electrician show you how you can save up to 70% off your electric bill. You’ll wish you’d made the change sooner.

LED Lighting is the answer and the wave of the future!

  • LEDs use less than ½ the electric of conventional bulbs & fluorescents.
  • LEDs last 30 times longer than Incandescent & 5 times longer than fluorescents.
  • LEDs require less maintenance – NO ballasts to replace.
  • State Rebates & Federal Tax Incentive programs are available.

So, what is LED lighting? LED is short for light–emitting diodes. The effect of LED lighting is caused by electroluminescence. The standard for this lighting often gives off a bluish white color in contrast to the “warm yellow” associated with traditional incandescent sources. However, LEDs can be outfitted to emit hues of pink, green, blue — any color in the visible spectrum. Even more impressive, LED lighting can be color-changing, set to transform on cue.

For commercial outfits, the energy saving element of LED alone is impressive, let alone the myriad of aesthetic options. LED lighting produces produce the same level of lighting as CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp), at half the cost. Additionally, LEDs contain no lead or mercury.

Each electrical contractor in our employ is well versed in preparing all of the required paperwork for these programs and will be glad to lead you through the process of an LED retrofit. NJ business and homeowners from Essex County, Morris County, Somerset County and the surrounding areas interested in saving on their next electricity bill should contact us today!